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Ultra Low Temperature Fabricated Electroceramics

Novel sustainable ultra low temperature production methods & composites for high performance electronics components

Published: 2nd September 2022
Ultra Low Temperature Fabricated Electroceramics
Source: Raimundas,,


Electroceramics is $32 Billion business. EC components are widely used in all electronics and especially in RF, most likely there are 500 of them in your pocket. Current EC components need sintering at > 1000 ⁰C, having huge energy consumption and environmental impact.

Technology Overview

Microelectronics researchers at University of Oulu have focused on research finding solutions for the above challenges as well as creating better performing EC materials for more competitive electronics. This technology is an innovative upside-down method that enables high performance components to be fabricated at room temperature(RTF)

Numerous advantages:

  • Reduces, energy, emissions and wastage
  • New material composites
  • New component structures and integrations

Further Details

Stage of Development

-since 2015

  • Technology Readiness Level (TRL): 4-5
  • Different materials and properties
  • Different components and structures
  • Patented and scientifically proven method
  • Life-Cycle-Analysis with Carbon footprint prepared


  • Exceptional electrical properties
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Potential to avoid toxic and critical materials
  • Water-proof (with titanium oxide precursor)
  • Enables new materials to be combined
  • Enables hydrothermal precursors (acids, metal alkoxides, etc.)
  • Radical reduction of energy consumption
  • Reduced emissions due to low temperature
  • Reduced wastage for defective products
  • Compatibility with multilayer device fabrication
  • Integration of materials that react chemically
  • No need for expensive manufacturing equipment
  • Low investment enables to use in SME
  • Process suitable for small- and large-scale manufacturing
  • Applicable to 2D and 3D ceramic printing
IP Status
  • Patented
  • Patent application submitted